Register Here  

In response to school and community needs,  New Mettle Farms is excited to offer interactive, on-demand videos and virtual content to support student and family learning during the COVID-19 crisis. 

On-Demand Video and Virtual program registration will receive:

  1. Confirmation of registration email.

  2. Upon payment or school PO approval, shipped supply kits, our school division website ( access registration instructions and access code.

  3. 60-Day access to on-demand video programs with interactive progress stations, unlimited viewing of demonstrations, activity challenges and project assignments, expanded learning options with links, and downloadable worksheets for future inspiration.

On-Demand Video and Virtual programs will REQUIRE:

  1. ONE Registration form per student with participant's information.

  2. A device with open internet access. Please note that school-owned devices may limit access and hinder your participation.

  3. Read and check that you have suggested household items from our downloadable lists. These items are needed to successfully enjoy the full extent of programs.

  4. Register early as it may take 1-3 weeks to clear payment or gain approval for school POs before supply kits are shipped and access codes are released.