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The ultimate solution for seamless inclusion and enhanced connections. Our comprehensive InterWe’ve Website package is a game-changer, offering a meticulously crafted 10-page website design complete with stand-alone content or seamless integration into your existing site. Our designs are more than just webpages; they embody your garden’s mission, fostering increased participation and providing invaluable information on garden care, interactive activities, and bountiful harvests.  Acting as a dynamic bulletin board, our websites streamline communications and interactions. 

InterWe’ve Website is your perfect garden communication hub, whether you choose the basics or choose to enrich your website with supplementary content.  We offer enrichment packages linked to our custom-designed gardens or ag islands, including harvest and propagation calendars, plant-specific activities, comprehensive lesson plans, engaging agricultural topics teachers can connect to NGSS lessons, citizen science initiatives, community spotlights, and many more. Elevate your educational garden’s impact with an InterWe’ve Website. It’s not just a website- it’s a gateway to a thriving, connected, and empowered community.

Visit our Project Gallery to learn more.

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