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New Mettle Farms is a local urban farm whose goal is to inspire interest in ecological sciences and regenerative agriculture through modeling and education.  We offer the opportunity to collaborate with schools in developing and maintaining outdoor teaching gardens as a means to enhance hands-on science and service-learning opportunities. With your help we are hoping to cultivate relationships with a new generation, your children, through our innovative and exciting garden-based and online education programs.


Empower your students to become

restorative, positive influences in their community

Contact us

 to make a consultation appointment for school-garden

program development or design services.


Program Development & Design Services include:  

  • Regenerative agriculture practices

  • Integrated permaculture concepts

  • Bio-intensive garden practices  

  • Garden Concept selections for native plants, open pollination seeds/plants, effective organic garden care, and composting

  • Garden-based learning curriculum for ecological sciences, STEM programs, nutrition, culinary arts, holistic health and hygiene,  and cumulative artisan skill-building.

  • Professional or parent- collaborative garden installation

We Care For School Gardens

Embrace our solutions to keep your school's garden and educational opportunities thriving year-round.

Services include: 

  • Docent  garden management services

  • Garden Educator services

  • CETCH Collaboration  (Continuous Educator-Teacher-Child -Health)

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