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We provide a level of design beyond the landscape.

New Mettle Farms started as a local urban farm in 2015, aiming to inspire interest in ecological sciences and regenerative agriculture through modeling and education. Having grown into a company now offering on-site services and national access to digital resources and products, we continue collaborating with schools as we develop innovative outdoor educational garden exhibits that connect urban schools to agriculture and conservation communities. We are your partners in cultivating relationships with a new generation.

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Educational garden exhibits are integrated spaces filled with immersive innovations.

Educational Exhibit Design & Program Development Service Includes:  
  • Landscape Design schematics or construction documents

  • Comprehensive Charts with correlated scientific plant names, bloom information, propagation, harvest, benchmark codes, agricultural education links, and application notes for use in crafts, foods, cultural, or customized programming.

  • Project and Program Coordination for developing InterWE've websites, QRCI Science Activity Stations, and our Plant-by-Plant or Earthworks activity lessons.

  • Ecological Care and Maintenance Guides for soil, water systems, plants, and IPM management.

  • Next Level Installation Coordination from school maintenance departments, volunteer collaboratives, student-engineered garden installation, or installation by local professionals.


Designs may include


  • Regenerative agriculture practices

  • Integrated permaculture design and science concepts

  • Biodynamic garden practices and care manuals

  • Garden Concept selections for native plants, open pollination seeds/plants,

  • Effective organic garden care and composting

  • Garden-based learning curriculum for ecological sciences, STEM programs, nutrition, culinary arts, holistic health and hygiene, and cumulative artisan skill-building.

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Empower your students to become restorative, positive influences in their community.
Contact us to make a consultation appointment for school-garden program development or design services.
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