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Experience unique, engaging staff training events with New Mettle Farms! Our exclusive farm-to-school projects give you a glimpse into our collaborative ag and conservation communities while learning about tailored, turn-key enrichment solutions for educators, after-school staff, PTA's, and students to explore.


Our events cover sustainable agriculture practices and conservation partnerships in central California, led by experienced professionals. Join us for a transformative learning experience. Schedule your staff training event now!

Staff Development Events

Teacher's Day

The Future of School Gardens

Progressive Tour of 3 Modesto, CA Locations

Learn about New Mettle Farms’ innovative opportunities to explore future careers in agriculture through school garden programs. Collaborating with Central California ag innovators, our developing capsule projects and web portal will allow grades 3rd to 8th to explore careers through experiential learning. Activities include field trips, collaborative fundraisers, service learning opportunities, unique growing, seed saving, tasting events with community partners, and ag career exploration activities and videos. Learn how your staff and students can benefit from a capsule project- with or without a school garden. Schedule your regional or district training events today.

    Great Outdoor Exploration

    Progressive Tour of 2 Escalon, CA Locations

    Outdoor adventures in open spaces and school gardens can be so much more! Meet our exciting community partners who'll share their expertise and traveling programs with resources for your staff and students. Presenters include a TK Sensory Storytime designed by a local children's therapist, wildlife illustrator/ author, presenting artwork and techniques for capturing nature, and flower grower and entrepreneur presenting floral blooms for school nooks. Additional program information will include conservation programs for insects, birds, and fish. It's an activity day you will want to attend! Schedule your regional or district training events today.

    Nature Class
    sunflower child.jpg

    Full Circle Sunflower Project

    Webinar Launch

    Join the Full Circle Sunflower Project from New Mettle Farms and explore the complete life cycle of a sunflower year-round! This unique project includes student enrichment videos, garden educator coaching, printable teaching supplies, and lessons on gardening, crafting, and cooking. With six different sunflower varieties, citizen science, and service-learning activities, the possibilities are endless! Register now for district or school site webinar launches and receive a free packet of Hopi Black Dye Sunflower seeds with sowing directions and an activity video.


    Enroll in the Full Circle Sunflower Project online course to choose a webinar date or schedule a regional or district launch for your teams.

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