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Sarah Carson

CEO of Programs and Solutions, Instructor

With over twenty years of experience as a professional environmental gardener in central California, Sarah uses ecology-based, permaculture methods to design educational garden spaces with relatable exhibits and expanded learning programs. Her experience with integrated, interwoven solutions provides multiple opportunities for students to explore and connect to land and environmental stewardship principles and practices, cultural and natural history, engineering structures, earthworks, ecosystems, and to develop artisan skills. She is currently working to create relatable, interpretive content for hybrid courses and field trips that will reconnect people to their environment, their food, and their health.  


Her cross-cutting garden education programs have received recognition from the California Senate for innovation in the farm to fork movement, regional acknowledgments from Stanislaus County Office of Education Prevention Programs, and unanimous praise from San Joaquin County librarians.


Her twenty years as a professional entrepreneur,  innovator, environmental garden designer, and program writer have included the following studies, certifications, and work experience:

  • Certified California Naturalist through UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Agencies.

  • Certified Facilitator for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Growing Up Wild and Project Wild programs.

  • Certified Seed Saving Steward with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.

  • Santa Cruz Life Labs’ Garden Educator Workshops.

  • ​Certified in Permaculture Design from Santa Cruz Permaculture.

  • A.A. Degree in Physical Education from Modesto Junior College.

  • Four years as a traveling teacher with the Great Valley Natural History Museum.

  • Six years teaching  urban agriculture programs, ecological garden care, and artisan skills to students and staff in the Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Tuolumne, and Calaveras counties’ community and after-school programs.

Proprietary Innovations

  • Development and productions of the QRCI (Qw-er-kie) Activity Stations which act as sustainable, no-touch, self-guided, virtual stations to lead audiences through a 15 min. on-site garden science, agritourist, or exhibit activity.

  • Invention, development, and fabrication of the Sustainable Vertical Garden utilized as a micro solution that holds 90+ plants per 30 sf of vertical space.

  • Prototype exhibit development of the 2018-21 Children-Educator-Community-Harvest (CECH) Garden Project at Del Puerto High School, Patterson, CA including garden design, installation, student programs, website, and content development.

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