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Stanislaus/San Joaquin County Charter Schools/ Homeschool 

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HOME SCHOOL/ CHARTER SCHOOL Registration Procedure

Connecting Waters Charter School

CW Parents Directions: Please have your ES send a PO AFTER you register your students on our website.

  • Be sure to register under each STUDENT'S NAME. 

  • See Registration Instructions above.

  • When registration is completed, please be sure that your ES has been contacted with program name, dates, and times so they can complete a PO on your behalf.

  • Thank you and we look forward to enjoying a learning adventure with your student



CW Educational Specialists (ES)

  • To arrange POs, please reference our Program Catalog for names, dates, and times. 

  • POs are to be divided as follows a.) For 4-8 week programs payments are divided by months OR b.) if a singular date, PO is due after listed date.

  • POs will need to be organized as such: 25% of registration will need to be paid with a Product PO and 75% will be either a.) Service POs divided between the number of months between program start and end dates or b.) issued as a single Services PO for single date programs.

1 . Example: $200 multiple-month program.  A Product PO for $50 (25%) will need to be issued upon registration and the remaining $150 Services PO will be divided by the 2 months between program start and end dates (i.e. $50 Product PO due upon registration, $75 Service PO- Month 1, $75 Service PO- Month 2).

2. Example: $55 single-date program. A Product PO for $13.75 (25%) will need to be issued upon registration and the remaining $41.25 will be issued as a single Service PO redeemable after single program date (i.e. $13.75 Product PO due upon registration, $41.25 Service PO due on date of program).

Hart-Ransom Academic Charter


Hickman Charter Schools

  1. Hart-Ransom Charter and Hickman do not cover Saturday activities, any activities held outside of the specified times and dates on school calendars, or animal care clinics. Please see activity calendared dates and times listed by school.

  2. Be sure to register under each STUDENT'S NAME. See Registration Instructions above.

  3. To complete registration, parents are responsible for mailing a $50 deposit check with Vouchers, per student to complete registration. Checks will be destroyed at end of the semester, when students complete their semester commitments. Checks will only be cashed if student cancels or does not attend approved class after Vouchers have been collected.

  4. Deposit is due with Vouchers at beginning of semesters. Please mail to 2308 Jeanine Dr, Modesto CA 95355 with a copy of your online registration with each child’s name as the registrant.

Gateway Academy

​Parents must either pay through our online payment option when registering or contact us at to arrange a cash payment. Reimbursement arrangements are solely the responsibility of parents and school.





Adult or Child Registration

paying in cash

Please use the "Register Here" page to enroll your children or yourselves.

  • Make sure to write in the NOTE box that you will be paying in cash.

  • When asked for payment info, choose Paying OFFLINE.

  • Discounts are extended with the understanding that you have committed to pay fees in full.

  • Payments can be made in cash, in person (with an appointment) OR by mailing a check with printed registration form. Mail checks to 2308 Jeanine Dr. Modesto Ca 95355. 

Cash Discounts are offered as follows: 

  • 5% off completed registrations for any combination of 2 educational programs or workshops or 2 or more registrations for students or adults.

  • 10% off completed registrations for Urban Farm Club Members for any student programs or student workshops and Urban Farm Club specific adult workshops.




Additional Home School Charter Schools

We are not currently vendors with other charters schools. If you would like to request that we consider your school application, we would be happy to look over the vendor application process to see if we would be a good fit.  Please understand this is a lengthy process with specific deadlines.  We may not be able to complete paperwork within a semester. Send application links to our company email.

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