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Garden Entrepreneur Capsule Project
Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties, CA 2024-2028

Our Garden Entrepreneur Capsule Project is a three-year developing educational project to provide youth enrichment programs with everything they would need to begin a floriculture micro-business project while exploring future ag careers with students in grades 3-8. Each year, we’ve committed to investing in developing resources and opportunities organized to help youth enrichment programs build project support, develop gardens, and learn skills that could lead to careers in agriculture.


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New Mettle Farms is excited to announce the launch of our engaging three-part video series. Growing Kidprenuers Video Series spotlights a hands-on micro-business advertising activity in conjunction with our fresh flower-based Gifts that Grow fundraisers. New Metle Farms' Gifts that Grow poinsettia fundraiser and field trip opportunity was created in collaboration with Modesto Junior College's Environmental Horticulture Department to empower after-school programs to provide students with garden and agriculture enrichment opportunities. Our first-year activities are a pivotal first step for after-school programs wanting to prepare for their final project: a self-sustaining, student-run micro-business plant sales program. Through our three-year project, students will acquire essential business, marketing, plant growth, seed propagation, and floriculture skills and gain valuable insights into potential careers in the global horticulture industry. We're here to build pathways and resources so students can pursue careers in agriculture.

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