Terms & Conditions

of Membership

Updated: 10/31/2016

  1. After participation is activated, you will be given a user name and password to access the Urban Farm Club's shopping database to begin shopping at your leisure. You will have access to 1000's of products on your computer or by iPhone. 

  2. Buy exactly what your want, directly from the suppliers. Simply load your online cart, pay invoice when it is email to you, and pick-up at our next Club Gathering Day.

  3. Co-op opportunities, discounted classes, workshops, and home good accessories can all be loaded into your cart through the private shopping site. Descriptions, price, date, and time available will be listed with product and in the monthly emails.

  4. Groceries delivered in bulk are sorted and prepared for you to pick-up on designated dates of the month (Club Gathering Days) on the premises.  Bulk items are divided by purchasers.

  5. It will be your responsibility to make sure items are picked up by the end of the designated pick-up day, unless alternative arrangements are made.

  6. Please bring your own bags or boxes to take groceries home, including bags for produce pick-up. Orders with perishable items that were not picked up will be donated.

  7. Food is the individual responsibility of purchasing club participant and there are no long-term storage options. No refunds are available.

  8. Local, organic, seasonal produce, split item extras, and duck eggs may be available for purchase during Club Gatherings from local vendors. 

  9. Annual participant registration must be filled out through our website and fees can be paid online for an additional 4% fee OR by check mailed to 2308 Jeanine Dr., Modesto, CA 95355 OR in cash at a Club Gathering. Participant benefits will only be available if participation status is current and all fees have been received. 

  10. Program participation can be assigned to adults within a single household who are legally married and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

  11. Program participation can cover families as defined by 2, same-household spouses and their legally dependent children under the ages of 18 years.

  12. All participants and those within their family (as defined above) must sign New Mettle Farms' Urban Farm Club participaton agreement and liability forms.

  13. Becoming an Urban Farm Club program participant means that you have agreed to uphold a respectful, peaceful, and moderate climate at all New Mettle Farms events and gatherings and among other participants, their families, and those guest who may visit. Should this agreement be broken, offending participants will have their program participation revoked without refund and, should it be necessary, appropriate legal action will be taken. 

UFC Participation & Liability Waiver


Sign and return by mail, email, or in person at next UFC Gathering.

UFC Membership

2308 Jeanine Dr.

Modesto, CA 95355