Home Good Fair-Trade Swap

Successful farmsteading in urban or rural communities relies on traditions of old. Traditions such as sharing, bartering, and trade are key elements used to expand what is available within our households. They not only rely heavily on relationship building but on skill building and ingenuity. Generally the equation works like this; the more valuable our own resources, the better leverage we have for trading or bartering for other quality goods.

Now, if you’re newly introduced to this concept, you may be thinking, “what do I have that is valuable?” Skills, handmade goods, and even emptied closets are all valuable resources that can help you expand what resources come into a household.

One of the most under rated resources are skills. Many people do not realize how much they themselves know that others cannot or do not. Do you know how to trim hair, grow a garden, or hem pants? Are you a handy person with experience or tools you’re willing to lend. Do you have the time to offer to babysit, house, or animal sit? All of these are unique and valuable resources to any number of folks.

Handmade goods are also very sought after. Who doesn’t love a ready- made meal or a timely dessert to impress guests? This can be more valuable then just the trade for supplies. And often times once you begin making a homemade item, tacking on one extra isn’t too difficult.

Consider too the resources you may already have. Kids grow, needs change, and somehow the quantity of unused items multiplies in the dark. Pack it up and bring it on over to see if you can leverage it for something you need. Who knows, your unwanted item may become a free meal, lawn mowing, or lesson!

Our Urban Farm Club is hosting its 3rd Annual Homegoods Fair-Trade Swap during our Mar. 14 Club Gathering. Only members may participate. Guest are welcome to visit.

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