A Rosey Hip Fall

After much digging and prepping, plotting, and planning, my fall plants are starting to arrive. One such addition is my Rosa Rugosa, a beautiful 3-4' tall Species rose that produces rosehips through most of the year. Not only is it a beautiful hedge or fence, but it makes a wonderful addition to an edible or medicinal garden. As some of you may know, our break in August was due to the remodel of our gardens in preparation of the opening of our Urban Farm Classroom this Oct.1. One of my long time goals for our house has been to have an edible landscape. Over time, that goal was adapted to take in my growing interest in medicinal herbs and highly nutrient dense plants. And now, we are taking our final steps to creating a Food Forest that demonstrates various permaculture techniques as well as an apothecary garden, and a teaching garden that will inspire as well as educate. With this in mind we have chosen this special Species rose, meaning the original, undoctored plant from ancient times, as an addition that intrigues and inspires. It has been doing its job to beautify, medicate, and nourish for millennia, and now this antiquity will become something for you to experience too. Email us if you are interested in seeing it grow to fruition or would like to order one of your own! I have an extra to spare.

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