Momentum is Growing for the Artisan & Maker Expo, July 22- HAS MOVED to JOIN Valley Hom

New Mettle Farms is presenting Modesto’s first Artisan & Maker Expo on Friday, July 22nd. Designed to tickle the inspiration of visionaries, inventors, and creators among our community’s children to want to become makers. Through multiple vendor booth demonstrations and engaging classes, New Mettle Farms is spearheading a community-wide effort to build up the next generation of creators. Owners Robert & Sarah Carson are leading the charge to form a committee that will develop the expo and review vendor applications.

The Artisan & Maker Expo is looking for a wide range of involvement from our local artisans and makers. Committee selected vendors will be invited to participate based on proposed ideas for engaging demonstrations and/or interactive classes. From motorcycle designers to backyard farmers, cake decorators to robotics, even digital arts to artisan glass; if it is handcrafted, consider how your talent can be used to inspire others.

Green’s on Tenth will be breaking ground as the expo’s host in their newly opened 10,000 sq. ft. hall and tickets will go on sale at the New Mettle Farms’ booth at the downtown Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings in Modesto and through their website.

Circle the date and make the Artisan & Maker Expo at must-see this summer!

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been moved to the Modesto Convention Center July 22-23 for the Valley Home Educator Conference. Tickets are $40 at the door.

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