History's Mudlark to Wash Room

Sidney Rice is the creative force behind her alter ego, Wilamina Wormwood of the House of Wormwood. A storyteller with an explicit eye for detail and drama, Wilamina Wormwood encapsulates the theatrical aesthetic of the Mudlark, the scavenger that finds purpose in discarded treasures, breathing new life into abandoned bits with joie-de-vivre.

A true Rag and Bone Crone, Wilamina Wormwood's works are created to evoke the romance of the past, while appreciating the rough and grimy undersurface that people in history constantly struggled to endure.

Wilamina Wormwood has been creating hand-crafted, vegan, vegetable-based, and environmentally conscious bathing products since 1997. Made with the finest vegetable oils, botanicals, and scent blends, her cold-processed soappes, lotions, and bathing accessories under the House of Wormwood brand has been seen for almost two decades at the California Renaissance Faires, the Great Dickens Christmas Faire, as well as Steampunk and Harry Potter conventions across the country. Wilamina Wormwood will be joining us as a teacher of herbal soappes for New Mettle Farms’summer series launch, June 2016.

The House of Wormwood on Mosshollow Hill has collections of handcrafted bath & skin care products created to offer a luxurious bathing experience, that both nourishes and replenishes all skin types.

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