• Feb. 1-Mar. 31, 2021
  • April. 1- May 31, 2021

TYPE: On-Demand Video Course with interactive activities, demonstration videos, and engineering activities. No refunds or program extensions available.


Inspired by the creativity of the Swiss Family Robinson, students are engaged in a hands-on learning experience where they explore art, design, and engineering with natural resources.  Each workshop will explore easy-to-find plants, their qualities and uses, and demonstrate cumulative skills like primitive measuring and knot tying. This is the perfect series to help teach your little guys and gals to safely engage in the world around them in a positive and creative way. Recommended ages 8 yrs +.


Easy-to-find plants can easily be found in local parks, along hiking trails, or even in backyards.  Parents sould be prepared to use this opportunity to explore the outdoors with your children.

Nature's Art- Online Series

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