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Presentations for Adults

Traveling Education & Activities

Demonstrations and Interactive Discussions to inspire adults in gardening, food preservation, herbal remedies and teas, and artisan crafting.



Special Booking PDF Gift: Seasonal Planting Chart by Soil Temperature

Choose a special speaker topic to inspire your patrons in the areas of gardening, garden design, or plant selection. Presentations are adaptable and have included presentations for:

  • Small space, permaculture, or vertical gardening techniques, water conservation, or themed gardens for healing, sensory, children's, teas, or Pickles & Jam gardens.

  • On-site, meeting space can be scheduled for presentations with one of our community partner locations: West Turf Nursery, Modest, La Loma Native Plant Garden, Modesto, The Greenery Nursery, Turlock, or Oak Valley Youth Garden, Ripon. 

Herbal Remedies and Teas

Special Booking PDF Gift:

Explore herbal home remedies and become proactive with your health. Learn to create simple remedies from your garden, using foods, or medicinal herbs to address immune health, common ailments, to create beauty solutions, or to design nutritive tea blends. 

  • The Art of Designing Teas and Seasonal Tastings provides an engaging tasting opportunity that explores new flavor profiles and teaches you to create customized tea blends and infusions of your own. Topics include Intro class, Flavors from the Garden,  Iced Teas & Infusions, Spiced Teas, and Nutritive Herbal Teas.

  • Beautiful You Mixology Micro Units are interactive, fun opportunities to make your own all-natural beauty solutions.  Micro Units include: Exotic Lip Balm & Temperatures,  Pink Vanilla Lip Gloss & Infusions, Hand Scrubs & Massage, and Herbal Bath Sachets & Aromatherapy.

  • Herbal Home Remedies offer discussions on herbal profiles, local medicinal plants, and herbal preparation methods and preservation for immune support, brain health, cold & flu, or wound care.

Food Preservation

Special Booking PDF Gift:

Learn tasty preservation techniques that are simpler than canning and just as effective! Topics included:

  • Pickling spices and profiles,  fermenting for health, Kefire, Kombucha, or Jun natural sodas,  easy dried treats, infusions and herbal bone broth.

Artisan Craft Series

Learn to create artisan crafts using inexpensive, natural materials

(recommended for ages 13+)


Fiber Arts

Special Booking Gift: Demonstration Sample

Be creative with natural fibers! Fiber arts demonstrations or classes can take you to the next level of artistic expression. Seasonal projects explore the following supplies:

  • ​Animal Fibers- Kneedle or Wet Felting Projects, Silk Worm Cocoon art

  • Natural Fibers- Projects exploring paper making, paper folding, origami, or embroidered paper art. 

  • Recycled Art Series- from newspaper to fabrics, learn to create the next generation of art.

Feathers and Eggs

Special Booking Gift: Demonstration Sample

Two of the most varied and beautiful natural resources can now be a centerpiece to your artistic creations. Seasonal projects include:

  • Faberge Eggs- Using Ostrich, Emu, or Goose eggs. 

  • Feather Fascinators & Headbands- Using seasonal bird feathers, create fascinators to clip on hats, like hair clips, or even broaches. 

Sticks and Twigs

Special Booking Gift: Demonstration Sample

Build your art using traditional knots or bamboo nails. Projects include:

  • Nature's Art Series- from sticks to frames and lanterns,  easels to trellises- there are so many wonderful projects.

  • Woven Baskets- using seasonal pine needles, learn to weave small plates or bowls with unique designs.

Husks and Leaves

Special Booking Gift: Demonstration Sample

Create playful solutions to the last of nature's offerings. Projects include:

  • Corn Husk- create playful period-specific dolls or flowers using layers of corn husk.

  • Leaves- Explore textures in making painted art, creating wax molds, or even folding flowers from leaves.

  • Artisan Deeds for Plentiful Herbs- Learn to preserve and create both edibles and art using herbs.


(Interactive Presentation-including consumables supplies)

*mileage rates and insurance waiver fee apply

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