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February 19, 2017

     Successful farmsteading in urban  or rural  communities relies on traditions of old. Traditions such as sharing, bartering, and trade are key elements used to expand what is available within our households. They not only rely heavily on relationship building but on skill building and ingenuity. Generally the equation works like this; the more valuable our own resources, the better  leverage we have for trading or bartering for other quality goods.

     Now, if you’re newly introduced to this concept, you may be thinking, “what do I have that is valuable?” Skills, handmade goods, and even emptied closets are all valuable   resources that can help you expand  what resources come into a household. 

     One of the most under rated resources are skills.  Many people do not realize how much they themselves know that others cannot or do not. Do you know how to trim hair, grow a garden, or hem pa...

September 1, 2016

   After much digging and prepping, plotting, and planning, my fall plants are starting to arrive. One such addition is my Rosa Rugosa, a beautiful 3-4' tall Species rose that produces rosehips through most of the year. Not only is it a beautiful hedge or fence, but it makes a wonderful addition to an edible or medicinal garden. As some of you may know, our break in August was due to the remodel of our gardens in preparation of the opening of our Urban Farm Classroom this Oct.1. One of my long time goals for our house has been to have an edible landscape. Over time, that goal was adapted to take in my growing interest in medicinal herbs and highly nutrient dense plants. And now, we are taking our final steps to creating a Food Forest that demonstrates various permaculture techniques as well as an apothecary garden, and a teaching garden that will inspire as well as educate. With this in mind we have chosen this special Species rose, meaning the original, undoctored plant from ancient t...

July 6, 2016

July is for Artisans of all types!  We’re kicking it off with stained glass artisan Gene Davis who will be visiting our Thursday evening booth at Downtown Modesto's Night Market to share about making stained glass wonders.  Join him as he shows you how easy starting a project of your own could be. He will be skillfully leading a Christmas in July Ornament Making class this month for any of those who love the twinkle of Christmas lights against colored glass.  This is the first step to building up the artisan in all of us! Come see, come see. It won’t regret it!

June 18, 2016

Molly Green Magazine printed one of our articles! Read more to add to your self- watering gardening opportunities! Or come on down to the Downtown Night Market to hear about other great, ez, home garden options!

June 16, 2016

Victory Garden: Tactics for Intensive Planting

  • June 16th Victory Gardens: Tactics for Intensive Gardening

Join us as Tim Nolas, chef and owner of Pepper Belly Farm and CSA will share tips for successful intensive gardening in small spaces.  FREE presentation will start 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

June 14, 2016

Plant with purpose and harvest the healing benefits. Learn to use your harvest herbs in ways you may never have.  New Mettle Farms is hosting a class to teach what to do with your healing herbs and how to benefit year round! 

Herbs, Oils, and Hydrosols Workshop. Discover restoring, healing herbs that can be grown and prepared for year-round medicinal, culinary, or beauty creations. Go home with your own infused oils and a single hydrosol ready for the next step of natural beauty creations; whether in your own herbal apothecary recipes or in one of ours! Workshops are June 14 or June 21 @ 6:30 pm.

June 9, 2016


From Victory Gardens to Herbal Apothecary, we intend to share the adventure of growing plants with purpose.  We can’t wait to see you! 

  • June 9th New Mettle Farms Grand Booth Opening

Let the fun begin! Check out our Facebook page for the kick-off iSpy in the Marketplace hunt & raffle (Facebook#iSPYNewMettleFarms), grab your tickets for our Herbal Apothecary Activity Station, and come on by to see what we are buzzing about!

June 8, 2016

There’s walk-in, hands-on fun for the big AND small every Thursday evening at the 10th St. Farmer’s Market. New Mettle Farms’ will be providing engaging, hands-on experiences and resources to learn about urban agriculture and artisan goods that grow healthy families. Create herbal beauty products at their Herbal Apothecary Activity Station, play iSpy in the Marketplace with clues on their Facebook page, join classes and discussions to learn about plants with purpose, artisan foods and goods, and sample savory heritage meats during their August Heritage Meat Month. Join the pioneers of learning adventures and unique events this summer! Register now before all the best spots are gone!

June 7, 2016

During World Wars I and II, citizens experienced unprecedented challenges as they watched the world stage become a battle field before their eyes. Not only were millions of lives lost, but resources became scarce as our nation struggled to adjust to the demands of war. Despite all of this, great men and women stepped up to the challenges in unique and resilient ways and families responded to the call to help where they could. 

        One such way were Victory Gardens.  Cabbages and lettuce were planted between roses, lawns doubled as potato beds, and fences became trellises for beans or 

tomatoes.  Having begun to grow their own food to relieve the stress of feeding a nation and troops abroad, so many took this very small thing seriously and grew all that they could. What they accomplished in their tiny spaces was greater than each person realized.  Neighbors helped one another. Cooperatives were created. Unused land was given purpose. And, accord...

June 4, 2016

   Our yards and gardens can be so much more than pretty flowers and grass. There are many lovely native, drought tolerant plants that have fantastic culinary, nutritive, or medicinal qualities that would be a beautiful  addition to pots, planters, or       borders. 

   One way to elevate the quality of your plants is by choosing classic culinary herbs with the highest  nutritive values. Here are a few that New Mettle Farms will be teaching about and selling online this June: Red Sage (Saliva miltiorrhiza), Sacred Basil (Ocimum sanctum), and any of these mints;  Korean Mint (Agastache rugosa), Mayan,  Arabian, or Spearmint.

  Drought tolerant native herbs can include immune supportive choices like  Red Clover Flower or Nettle. Even adding plants that have been used for centuries for their medicinal   qualities can make  a valued addition to your landscape. Consider looking into plants like Calendula, Alo...

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Grand Opening Booth, June 9th

May 30, 2016

Starting June 9, 2016 inside the foyer at Greens on Tenth Restaurant’s, New Mettle Farms is opening its inaugural booth during the launch of Modesto’s...

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